Armus Dragons Manor

babu_9mesicu_portret.jpg, 26 kB

   hnědobílý pes / liver white male

   narozen / borned: 4.7.2007, died 23.9.2008
   zapsán / written: ČLP/ASS/5442

    výstavy / shows:
   zkoušky / field trials:
   oči / eyes:
   fucosidosis - negative (out of clear parents)

   majitel / owner: Marie Kupková

    "Babu" lived with my mother, borned as a weak puppy, but with strong vitality to live. We did everything in our power to help him but the Nature was stronger....
    We had to say goodbye him in 23th September 2008. He was only 14 month old....
    "Babu" we NEVER forget for you!!!

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babu_3mesice.jpg, 49 kB
3 měsíce / 3 months old

babu_7tydnu.jpg, 42 kB
7 týdnů / 7 weeks old